Exterior Makeover – Before and After


Before and After

Before: Full of Potential

The cream-on-cream exterior and overgrown shrubs gave this bungalow a very dated appearance and completely buried it’s potential. Luckily the homeowners recognized its hidden beauty. Over a period of five years the vision to restore this bungalow style home from the inside-out has become a reality. 

In this blogpost we are going to focus on the ‘wow factor’ of the exterior makeover.  Where did the homeowners find their inspiration?  How did they get started?  Would they do it again?

  • The wooden windows and doors were original with the house when it was built in 1972.
  • The stained and dented aluminum siding was past the point of repair.
  • The roof was in its’ last year of life when the home was purchased.

Previous Prospects Backed out of the Purchase

Asbestos was detected in the original insulation of the attic causing previous interested buyers to back out of the sale.

But that didn’t stop the young couple who purchased the property. Knowing the home had good bones and with a complete renovation plan in hand, they made the purchase. 

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The Plan. 

First things first.  The plan started with addressing the most important issues of the home first.

Dealing with the insulation had to be done immediately.  They started with a complete abatement once they took possession. The vermiculite insulation was removed and replaced with an R50 spray insulation.

The roof also had to be addressed immediately. Replacing the roof with a neutral black shingle allowed for endless colour combinations down the road. This was an important decisions as they knew they would eventually be changing the exterior colour scheme, but hadn’t decided on a colour scheme just yet.

Two Years Later …

Two years later, they settled on a style and colour scheme that after finding inspiration from this beautiful black modern farmhouse. Read more here.

The very weathered original windows and doors were upgraded with:

  • black steel doors,
  • black vinyl windows on the exterior and white on the interior,
  • showcasing the beautiful craftsman mullions added interest to the exterior.

Shortly after, the very worn 50+ year old siding, eaves and fascia were removed and they installed 1” foam board and 1/2” plywood to improve the R value of the home.

Inspired by this vintage barn to home renovation.  Read More Here.

Then a new board and batten style siding in warm charcoal siding was installed to compliment the existing cream limestone façade.  This completely modernized the exterior while keeping with the farmhouse bungalow style they were looking to achieve similar to this stunning vintage barn transformation.

Over the Span of 5 Years …

Last on the list is to replace the existing taupe garage door with a black door and to remove the existing chimney and replace it with a proper sill and upgraded stone to compliment the existing limestone and to prevent future water leaks!

These strategic upgrades were all done over a span of 5 years with the goal to update to suit their style and family.


They took this 1970’s dated bungalow and completely transformed it into a modern farmhouse inspired home.   Would they do it again?  A resounding YES! They love the finished look and how it fits the needs of their family.

We love the transformation and we hope you do too.  

Most important things to remember:

  • it doesn’t have to be all done at once (this plan was implemented over 5 years)
  • it all starts with a clear vision and plan. 

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